Knightsgate Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in mission-driven startups to build a future that is sustainable, equitable, inclusive, and diverse

We invest early in ideas and people that are looking to create positive change through tech innovation

We are sector agnostic investors and we partner with the best startups across sectors. All products and services we invest in are bringing innovative ideas to their industries making the world a place we want to live in while creating significant financial and social value.

We are value-added partners

From discussing product fit and go-to-market strategies, operations, scaling the business, making connections to our network, and assisting in the preparation of subsequent capital raises.

Enabling our startups to drive their social impact initiatives

We deliver social and financial returns for our investors

We actively track, monitor, and report progress in support of ESG initiatives while targeting returns for our investors as our companies move to Series A and beyond.

We are focused on changing the dynamic between venture capital and the underrepresented founder

As early-stage partners, we are in a unique position to change the trajectory of businesses. We look forward to continuing to partner with and support underrepresented founders in their entrepreneurial journey and advocate for much-needed change regarding racial and gender disparities in the tech ecosystem.

More on our investment approach

You can learn more about our philosophy and our values on our blog.

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